Logistics and Supply Chain

Technological solutions for logistics and supply chain

ALG Demand Manager™
ALG Demand Manager™ is a tool developed by ALG to support the sales forecasting process. The system includes a powerful forecast generating engine that chooses among different mathematical models, to select the one that best fits the data available. The tool also allows event management such as sales promotions, product listing and delisting, product launches, etc. It also has a specific indicator module that contains numerous indicators and warnings to ease monitoring the compliance of the forecasts. The ALG Demand Manager™ tool has been successfully implemented in manufacturing and in the food and beverage industry.

ALG supply chain manager
ALG Supply Chain Manager is a tool created by ALG for production planning and inventory management. In communication with the ERP of a company, it has the ability to create a structured framework for the medium term and a detailed plan for the short term using a company's ERP. The tool has been successfully implemented in manufacturing and in food and beverage companies. Resulting in reduced inventory levels and lot sizes as well as improved management of increasing SKUs.

TransCAD is a geographic information system (GIS) distributed by ALG. The software package is specifically designed to store, view and analyze transport data. It is especially useful for the creation of new routes, travel demand forecasts for public transportation, and establishment of territorial management and logistics.

Transmodeller is a traffic simulation software distributed by ALG. The software is applicable for a large variety of activities related to traffic modelling and planning, analyzing multinodal networks with precision and detail for everything from highways to city streets.

Simulations utilizes various software to carry out simulations of complex processes. Simulations determines process waiting times, total processing time, throughput, and inventory levels between processes (WIP).

Customized services (Java, Visual B, .NET)
ALG relies on an in-house team of 20 programmers to develop customized applications (MPS, CRP, MRP, DRP, VMI, TMS, Intranets, etc.).