R&D and Innovation in Transport

As a result of our continuous efforts in developing our in-house knowledge base as well as to our direct participation in R&D consortiums at national and international level (CENIT technological research programme, EU Framework Programme for RTD, etc.), ALG is today a leading player in complex projects involving a high component of innovation, research and development.

In recent years, we have intensified our R&D activities by complementing our support services with project preparation, coordination and management (technical office and "focal point" functions). As a result, we have been able to identify future trends and challenges, develop new standards, concepts, methodologies and processes, as well as create simulation models and tailor-make innovative products in our IT department.

Our R&D and Innovation services

Implementation of complex R&D and innovation projects in our customers´ areas of interest and participation in a consortia as part of the European Union's RTD Framework Programmes. Support in the preparation, coordination and management of R&D projects, as well as in technical office and "focal point" functions.

Examples of our participation in R&D and innovation projects:

  • INTERACTION (Innovative Technologies and Researches for a New Airport Concept towards Turnaround Coordination). Constitution and leadership of a consortium involving 13 partners. 7th European Framework Programme project.  www.interaction-aero.eu
  • PISTA (Pilot on Interoperable Systems for Tolling Applications). Project's Technical Office (consortium of 18 partners). 5th European Framework Programme project.
  • ARCHES (Assessing Changes in the European Railway System). Constitution and leadership of a consortium involving 12 partners. 6th European Framework Programme project.
  • OASIS (Operation for Safe, Intelligent and Sustainable Highways). Proposal coordination and technical office. CENIT project.
  • THESIS (Transportation related Health effects Simulation Systems). Large scale integrated project with 25 partners; modelling of transport - emissions - air quality - population behaviour and exposure - impacts on health. ALG contribution: models integration and Barcelona case study (port, airport, and transport in urban areas) 7th European Framework Programme project.

Tailor-made simulations and innovative developments. ALG has an internal IT department with simulation capacities; able to perform custom-tailored developments for unsolved issues (see "Technology Solutions").

Assistance to our clients in the coordination of "think tanks" to identify trends and future challenges: carving of new technological paths, analysis of long-term needs evolution, economic outlook for business development with a five to ten years view, knowledge of the implementation of Community policies in the coming years, etc. Participation in the development of new standards, concepts, methodologies and processes.