high speed train

ALG has references in both passenger and freight transport. More specifically, we have worked in the development of commercial rail plans and in intermodal road-rail and sea-rail transport networks.

Our services in the railway sector


Railway strategy

ALG has in-depth experience in the definition of transportation plans, Master Plans, support in strategic decision-making process, etc. Furthermore, ALG has collaborated in the conception and design of services and implemented relevant feasibility studies.


Business planning

ALG conducts searches and studies to develop new business lines for its clients, utilizing its knowledge in market studies and implementation of business development.


Operations and maintenance

In order to compete in the fierce market, ALG collaborates with its clients to optimize their resources, re-engineering processes to ensure efficiency and maintenance of their assets.


Management and financing

Utilizing the methodology and tools they have developed throughout the years, ALG provides support and advice to clients in business organization, management and financing strategy.


Projects and construction

ALG collaborates with its clients in the management, planning, coordination and execution of implementation projects to develop new processes, services, technologies, as well as in the control and oversight of construction projects.