Aviation Sector


Our services in the aviation sector

Strategy, Business & Transaction Support

  • Policy and Regulation
  • Airline, Airport and ATM Strategy
  • Market studies and market forecast. Competitive intelligence
  • Airline restructuring. Airport privatization & acquisitions
  • Aviation economics
  • Business plan development
  • Air service development. Airline sales and distribution
  • Airport commercial development
  • Pricing strategy
  • New product development
  • Feasibility studies


  • Fleet planning, Aircraft Assessment. Aircraft procurement & financing
  • Airport and airline facilities and operations (cargo & pax)
  • Airport operations concepts, modeling, simulation and performance assessment
  • Airport Surface Management and Wake Turbulence
  • Airport research, validation & development
  • ATM macroscopic simulations
  • ATM Network demand and capacity management
  • Helicopter Operations
  • Technical Evaluation and Reviews
  • Process Analysis and Documentation, Modeling and Optimization
  • Service audits. Safety and Quality Management System
  • Efficiency Improvement Programs

IT & Technology Systems

  • Airlines
    • Airline Systems: revenue accounting system (ARACs Ra), CRM systems, E- commerce (e- ARACS), Reservation systems (ARACS Fly), Sales systems (ARACS Weeb), Administration (ARECS Pro), Airline Management system (ARACS Mis), IT outsourcing.
  • Airports
    • Airport Operational Data Base (AODB)
    • CUSS & CUPPS systems
    • Airport Baggage systems
    • Airport Security systems
    • Ramp systems
    • Airfield systems
  • ATC Systems
    • ATC/TWR systems
    • Training simulators

Infrastructure planning & Development

  • Airport master plans: commercial, corporate & GA
  • Heliports
  • Demand & Capacity Analysis
  • Functional design. Design management. Design briefing and review (airfields, terminals, cargo facilities, MRO facilities,.)
  • Infrastructure certification
  • Environmental issues
  • Integrated Project management