Logistics Developments


At ALG we understand that logistical platforms are the points where transport and logistical chains meet. These precise points are where a range of added-value activities and technical functions occur and are concentrated. Our references include: defining national and regional network services (in Spain, Colombia, Peru, etc.) and designing and implementing local and regional multimodal hubs (road, maritime, river and/or air) in more than 10 countries in Europe and Latin America.

Our services in the logistics platforms sector

Territorial logistics

  • Regional logistics strategies. Logistics planning in metropolitan areas. Strategies to promote logistics activities in cities and metropolitan areas.

Logistics nodes

  • Planning and designing logistics nodes at the national and regional levels. Planning logistics zones and sectoral platform systems.

Planning and developing logistics platforms

  • Conception and feasibility studies. Planning and functional design. Negotiation strategies between public and private entities. Commercial business plans. Integral project management during implementation phase.