ALG participates as a speaker at the 20th ATRS World Conference


The Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) is the world's pioneer organisation for research into air transport. Its main activities include annual conferences and an authoritative annual report on the world's airports.

This year marks the 20th edition (20th ATRS World Conference), organized by ATRS on the island of Rhodes (Greece), on 23-26 June. 

The conference covers all facets of the aviation industry: airlines, airports, ATC, aerospace, etc, and is attended by government officials, consultants and academics. In addition, this year, ALG will be present and participating at the event. Specifically, Alda Metrass, Pere Mas and Nuria Meler have prepared a report entitled: “Regulation, cost-recovery and competition: Emerging dimensions of connecting traffic charging in American and European hubs", which Alda Metrass is to present to conference attendees.

Abstract: Given the increasing importance of connecting traffic in the economic and functional performance of hub airports, airport managers need to consider appropriate strategies for better remunerating its costs reflecting the dynamics of fixed and variable costs as well as externalities. This paper uses case studies to benchmark common practice for charging connecting and transit passengers focusing in major American and European hubs. It is found that it is important for regulators to analyse cost coverage cautiously when setting regulated connecting charges. Regulation is found to be hindering recommended “user pays” pricing approach, with OD traffic paying for the connecting passengers. On the other hand, from the airport management viewpoint, it is found essential that managers look both at costs and competition and that it is beneficial to offer discounts and rebates on standard charges when negotiating with dominant carriers. These results are valuable both for regulators and management teams in gauging how to balance passenger charges. 

More details can be found on the programme and on other aspects on the official conference website: 2016 Rhodes ATRS World Conference Website

2016 Rhodes ATRS World Conference