Professional development


At ALG you will be in constant contact with the highest level of professionalism as required by our exigent clients world-wide. Team work and mentoring enable consultants to hone their skills while growing to become a niche professional. All consultants find their paths and they are supported unconditionally through support and monitoring by the management team of the company. 

At ALG, there are 4 fundamental professional profiles that characterize the evolution of the personnel, with on-going supervision from the company's partners and managers:

  • Analysts, university graduates without professional experience, are the base for providing numerical and analytical support for projects in order to gain the overall understanding of the project's main problems / issues.
  • Consultants, university graduates with relevant professional experience, are responsible for executing and providing content to the projects and for contributing continuous value to the client.
  • Managers, promoted from consultants or university graduates from some of the most prestigious schools, they are responsible for maintaining on-going relationship with the client and for ensuring the execution of the project deployment in a appropriate fashion. In addition, they will oversee and monitor the professional evolution of their junior team members.
  • Directors, promoted from manager and/or with exceptional professional experience in the sector, they are responsible for the overall business management of one of ALG's key business areas.